James Hardie & Cement Fiber Products

James Hardie & Cement Fiber products

cement fiber products are the most common materials used in a siding replacement project in the PNW region

James Hardie Panel

A popular style seen here in Seattle metro area. This modern and contemporary design looks great and can be a dramatic transformation for your home. 

James Hardie Lap Siding

James Hardie Lap Siding is the most common material used on siding projects in the Seattle area and all of Washington State. The Hz10 product is designed for our climate and serves well as a durable option for your siding replacement project. 

James Hardie Color Plus

James Hardie Color Plus is a great option for a siding replacement becuase it eliminates the need for exterior paint after completion of siding installation. This can save time and help meet budget for your project needs. 

Additional Products include: Hardie Trim, Hardie Vertical Siding, Hardie Soffit and more. Call today to get more information and start your transformation today!