siding replacement

replacing your siding enhances aesthetics, improves protection, boosts energy efficiency, reduces maintenance needs, reduces noise, and offers eco-friendly options. Upgrading your siding can boost the value of your property. Potential buyers are often attracted to homes with well-maintained, visually appealing exteriors. By investing in high-quality siding materials and professional installation, you can make a positive impression and potentially command a higher selling price for your home.


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window installation

replacing windows in your home offers numerous benefits, including improved energy efficiency, cost savings, increased comfort, UV protection, enhanced curb appeal, and enhanced security. Window replacement is a worthwhile investment that can make your home more energy-efficient, visually appealing, and comfortable to live in while providing long-term financial and environmental advantages.

deck building

It is important to get a licensed contractor for you deck build. Some decks require permits and inspections. Do it once, do it right. 

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exterior paint

Repainting your home offers a wide range of benefits, including improved aesthetics, increased property value, protection from the elements, enhanced durability, better indoor air quality, and the opportunity to personalize your space. It is a cost-effective way to rejuvenate your home and create an enjoyable living environment. We offer discounts when combining siding replacement + exterior paint services.


frequently asked questions

Although it is not always recommended, it is sometimes a suitable option. The existing material would need a thorough inspection before covering with new product. 

This is a great question and one that we hear constantly from our customers. While a repair is sometimes the way to go, it is only a temporary solution for a problem. If your siding has began to fail in some areas there is a high probability that the other areas are not far behind. Of course this is a case by case issue, but a replacement it the safest option. 

An excellent question. In the state of Washington we have a very damp climate due to heavy rains. 38 inches annually in Seattle in fact. Some materials are much better suited to protect your home, not only from the elements but also from the moisture absorbed from the air. 

The most common products that are installed today in our state is the James Hardie Hz10 product, along with other cement fibers. Cedar is also a popular option in the Seattle area. Call today to get a consult. 

Replacing your siding is a large task, and there are important things to consider.

First, we have to choose which material to use for your installation. There are many suitable options, and designing your look can be very fun and exciting. 

Second, is preparation. There are a couple of things to consider when preparing your home during the duration of your project. It is typically a good idea to remove any items that are hanging on your walls because vibrations from the work outside may cause something to fall and break. So protect your valuables. 

Third,  kick back and relax we go you covered. Its a Breeze!

It most cases, the siding is being replaced because the material has lived it’s life and is beginning to expire or fail. In most cases the windows are also dated. Getting energy-efficient windows is a great option and one that should be considered when replacing the siding on your home because it will save you money doing it all at once. 

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